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The answer to that question depends on your needs.  Your subscription price is based on several factors outlined in this pricing chart

Access to your 30-day free trial starts from the moment you checkout at FAT!  At the end of this trial period, you will need to upgrade to a paying account in order to continue using FAT. You can cancel your paying account at any time. We shall email you 7 days before and 1 day before the free trial ends to remind you. At that point, you can upgrade to a paying account or just let the trial expire. If you let the trial expire, we, as FAT, will automatically delete your account and all data after a 30 day grace period.

  1. From the application's home page, click on the red " Start Your Free Trial" button.  
  2. Click the green "Add to Cart"  button.  


On the Checkout page: 

  1. Review your order. 
  2. Add your email address. 
  3.  Add your preferred organization name and select your organization type.  
  4. Add your personal profile information as directed. The fields with "*"  are required.  
  5. If desired, add a photo of yourself:  
    • Click "chose file" 
    • Browse the files on your computer for a photo that you'd like to add. (Files must be less than 100 MB. Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.)
    •  Click "Open".  
    • Click the green "Upload" button on the right.  
  6. Add your Occupation. 
  7. Add your billing information as directed. The fields with "*"  are required. 
  8. Click the " Continue to the Next Step"  button at the bottom of the form. 

On the Review Order page:  

  1. Review the Shopping cart contents one final time. 
  2. Review your  Account information thoroughly. 
  3. Complete the Payment form as directed. 
  4. If desired, check the box indicating you'd like to "store this credit card on file for future use."
  5. Click the "Place Order" button.  



Check back for a comprehensive list of FAT's features and how to make the most of your subscription!  

Stay tuned for helpful videos on best practices for how to use this application.  


FAT subscriptions may be shared by families or groups that decide they’d like to use a FAT plan jointly to maximize savings!    

For instance:  
A neighborhood association may decide to keep track of the dogs in their subdivision for socialization purposes, to identify dogs that accidentally get out, or any number of use cases. This group could elect to jointly purchase a Friends & Family plan. 
A family may decide to use FAT together in order to share records and assessments for use when dog sitting, vacationing, visiting for a week, or even just to keep up on how the new puppy is growing!  The family members could elect to jointly purchase a Three-Dog pack.  

Depending on the desired structure of the organization,  the primary administrator of that organization can invite each user as an administrator and create each animal profile on that top-level organization. This will allow the entire group to see the list of animals and share notes and information. 
Alternatively, specific teams may be set up for each user and each user may create a profile for their own dog in their team and share that dog to the team and the organization as a whole. 


Here are the steps you need to take in order to create an account on behalf of a group and invite multiple users. 

The designated subscription manager purchases a “Friends & Family” or “Three-Dog Pack” on behalf of participants by clicking the subscribe link and choosing a sharable subscription.    

The subscription manager may initially elect to edit the organization and add a photo and a slogan or notes! Other members can also edit this later as designated by the group!  


The initial subscription manager then invites the other members to that subscription from the application by choosing the "Invite people" tab from the organization page, adding an email, choosing a role ( recommend " (organizational administrator initally), ensuring that the"Active" membership state is selected,  and clicking " Invite user.    

Each member logs in using their own account and may add a dog profile(s) and use FAT as they otherwise would.   

Fat is customizable, so teams may be created as desired, or the group may simply use the top-level organization!   



If at any time you wish to terminate your FAT™ subscription, we will gladly refund the balance of your unused subscription fees. Please contact us to arrange a refund of your account balance. 

Each pricing tier is for a maximum number of dogs. If you go over your limit, you have the option of adding additional dogs at a modest per dog price. You also have the option of archiving unused animal profiles to free up space.  Please contact us to arrange additional dogs on your account.  

Yes, you can switch your subscription level to the most appropriate for your current situation. Pricing is pro-rated accordingly. Please contact us to arrange a subscription change.

You may pay by the month or receive a discount for a lump-sum, annual payment. 

Yes. For example, you may sign up for a “Family 3” subscription and use it for your two dogs and a friend’s single dog. All you have to do is invite an additional user to your account. Or, if you’re part of a training group, for example, opt for the “Friends and Family” plan, which includes tracking profiles for up to 15 dogs. 

  1. Click the "Manage animals" tab from your organization or team.
  2. Find the animal, either by looking at the list or searching for the animal. 
  3. Once you've found the animal, check teh . box next to him in the list and click "Go" next to " Update animal profile status"
  4. Change the animal's status to " archived" by selecting that choice. 
  5. Click "next". 
  6. The animal will be archived and you will be returned to the "Manage animals" tab home screen. 
  7. If you now inspect your animal, you will see that his status is now "Archived." 

  1. From your organization or team, click the "Manage animals" tab.
  2. Find your dog on the list either by simply looking at the list or in the case of lengthy lists, by searching for the animal. 
  3. Once found, click on the animal's name. 

  1. While logged in, visit your organization's home page, which is reached by clicking " My organization" at the top of any page. 
  2. Click on the " Invite people" tab. 
  3. Enter your invitee's email address.  
  4. Assign the role(s) you would like your invitee to have within the organization.  
  5. Choose the Membership state of your invitee, which is usually "Active". 
  6.  Click "Invite user" and that invitee will recieve an email to login to your organization.  

  1.  Choose " Subscribe" from the green main menu.
  2. Decide which FAT plan works best for your needs and click the corresponding " Submit " button. 
  3. choose the payment plan you'd like and click " Add to Cart"
  4. fill out the 2 page form as directed.  
  5. You will be welcomed to FAT and look for two emails in your inbox!  



  1. On your animal's Profile page ( think of the Profile as his or her " home base" ) you will see a green button that says " add assessment for this animal". 
  2.  Click on it!  
  3. You will be redirected to the assessment page where you can begin your assessment.    
  4. You will be guided through that assessment process until you reach the final assessment page.  

How to add an Animal Profile


  1. Click on the "Manage Animals" tab from your organization page 
  2. Click  the red "Add an Animal" button, and fill out the resulting form and submit it. 
  3. You will be redirected to the animal's newly created profile!   

No, subscriptions cannot be suspended.  Files can be retrieved and/or subscription can be reactivated for a small fee. Please note: the money back satisfaction guarantee is only valid once – cannot be used on a reactivated subscription. 

If at any time you wish to terminate your FAT™ subscription, we will gladly refund the balance of your unused subscription fees. Simply complete the cancellation form, and we will be in touch with you.  

We always want happy customers who are completely satisfied. If at any time you wish to terminate your FAT™ subscription, we will gladly refund your pro-rated subscription fees, whether you were paying by the month or annually. Please contact us to arrange a refund. 

Yes, FAT allows for uploads of photos, reports, PDFs, images, pedigrees, vaccination records and more. This ability remains available to you at any time in that dog’s profile or from individual assessments. Attached records are stored in your dog's "Files" tab on his profile page.  Imagine having all those records at your fingertips as well as the cumulative FAT profiles!

There are a few options. You may set up your own subscription and ask your pet professional to record assessments there. You may choose a professional who uses FAT™ and ask them to either supply emailed reports or give you access to your dog’s profile. Our hope is that FAT™ will be a must-have service for professional dog caretakers, but if your caregivers are not subscribers, feel free to encourage them to check out the free trial.

You may choose to track whatever areas are of most interest to you at any particular time. For example, you may not have concerns about social behaviors, but be keenly interested in tracking physiological changes. The benchmarks you choose to leave blank will be left a blank grey on the final assessment chart so that it is clear that section was not simply overlooked. 

There is no limit on how many assessments you can create for any single dog.  All assessments are stored in that dog’s profile. The number of dog profiles you may create depends upon your subscription type. For example, our “Family 3” subscription allows you use a total of 3 active dog profiles at any time, with as many assessments per dog as you'd like. 

Yes – once an archived profile is returned to active status it counts towards your monthly allotment and all functionality returns.

 Yes, an entire profile may be viewed while it is archived, but you cannot create any new assessments.

 Yes, you can view archived profiles and their associated assessments and records.

 No, a profile must be active to use the program’s functions, like being able to edit an assessment.

Yes, archived profiles do not count towards your balance of profiles used.

A FAT subscription holder may invite their dog’s care providers to the dog’s FAT profile. On the invitation form, the subscription holder may choose the permission level for that invitee, allowing or limiting what FAT profile sections they have access to and what functions they may perform.  

All records for that may be exported and downloaded before the profile is deleted. Veterinary practices or other professionals who are legally required to retain records may designate a specific retention period for their files. Please contact us to arrange a specific time length for record retention. 

You may delete or archive a profile at any time. That profile space is then made available for a new or different dog. 

You’ll find FAT™ is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. No training required! You can invite clients to log into your organization or office portal directly. 

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