Who needs FAT™?


  • Veterinary practices & rehab facilities
  • Boarding & daycare facilities
  • Pet sitters & dog walkers
  • Trainers & behaviorists
  • Shelters, rescues & sanctuaries
  • Service & guide dog organizations
  • Therapy dog & AAI/AAT organizations
  • Competitive/sport dog trainers
  • Academics & research
  • Breeders
  • Search & Rescue K9 
  • Working dog associations

FAT was created by Suzanne Clothier, a lifelong animal professional who understands the challenges of caring for other people’s animals. FAT is the professional tool that helps you and your staff set a new bar for excellence in animal care.


Sound familiar?

“He’s a nice dog!” 

That is not enough information.

“He’s okay unless you…” 

Unless I do what? Details please! 

“He’s fine!” 

I really want to know how he’s doing. 


FAT helps provide the knowledge.

It takes love, skill, and knowledge to care for dogs so they can be as happy, healthy, and safe as possible. You bring the love and skills.

It can be challenging to get the right information about each dog. Staff forgets to ask, clients forget to tell. And the dog can get lost in the muddle. 

FAT improves the clarity, accuracy, and consistency of information shared between all caretakers. Cost effective and easy to use, FAT lets you and your staff put quality of care front and center.


Our comprehensive 15-point assessment creates a complete profile of each dog.


How does your dog behave?  

  • With people – familiar and unfamiliar
  • In the absence of his preferred person(s)
  • With dogs – familiar and unfamiliar


FAT looks at basic physical functions:

  • Eating 
  • Drinking 
  • Urination
  • Defecation
  • Rest/sleep
  • Mobility 
  • Pain


  • Learning (adding new skills & behaviors)
  • Work/Performance (using already trained behaviors) 
  • Play with people

PUTTING FAT to work for you

Communication and information are keys to providing high quality animal care. FAT helps your whole organization communicate efficiently and accurately with current, detailed data.

Your clients need to tell you all about their dog – the whole dog, and the whole story. FAT offers a structured format that makes it easy to collect what you need to know. FAT profiles are the perfect starting point for conversations with your clients. 

Your staff operates best when everyone uses a consistent approach to collecting and sharing information. FAT helps eliminate miscommunication and errors, and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Humane care depends on a thorough understanding of the dog and his needs. Misunderstood or unmet needs lead to stress, unhappy dogs, and unhappy staff and clients.

Some dogs are easy to care for, while others have very specific requirements. You need to know if you can provide the staff, skills and resources that the dog requires. “He’s a nice dog” doesn’t tell you how best to care for him, or how to set your pricing for any special services.

FAT reveals a world about each dog’s preferences and even quirks. The color-coded profile highlights significant issues so you know if the dog is suitable for your business and or if he should be referred elsewhere.

Skilled observations are at the heart of animal caretaking. A small detail may predict big changes that require attention. First, you have to see, then you have to act on what you see.

Your clients rely on you and your staff to be the expert eyes on their dogs, and to know what is critical and what is minor. You can rely on FAT to be an instructive, professional tool that helps train your staff.

FAT’s step-by-step format encourages skillful observation of physiological, cognitive, and social functioning. These structured assessments lead to recognition of significant shifts, and support superior caretaking.

As a professional caretaker, your advice often supports decision making for the dog. This can mean change, such as switching foods, adjusting medication, implementing management strategies, or even going to a new home.

Objective reporting assists in monitoring the dog’s response to any changes. FAT’s detailed report helps you follow the dog’s progress with updates as frequently as needed. Unlimited input for each dog allows close tracking.

FAT gives professionals a way to track the dog pre-, mid-, and post-change, allowing for a careful analysis of the efficacy of your recommendations. Profiles can be customized to report on the whole dog or just selected aspects, and to compare specific profiles or timeframes.

This probably sounds familiar: “He’s fine!” the owner reports when you call to follow up on a dog. Maybe he is fine, but you need more details to know for sure.

Best intentions guide your decision making. Follow up information is critical to successful treatment, protocols, and outcomes. FAT helps you catch emerging issues, provide timely assistance where needed, and even assess quality of life.

For organizations with dogs in a program and/or multiple locations, FAT promotes consistency and accountability from your staff, volunteers, raisers, and foster homes. Regular FAT assessments help you track the dog at key points in your program and after placement, and identify dogs needing your attention.



Intuitive, online interface

No training required

Available on multiple platforms and devices 


Share records with staff/locations, clients & other professionals

FAT profiles shared via private link, email, or print out

Access any dog’s records on multiple platforms & devices


Private portal

Secure portal for input from staff and clients

Customizable portal and highly flexible input options

Cumulative record of FAT assessment and storage of other records


Cost effective 

Unlimited input for each dog

Eliminate errors and miscommunication

No special equipment needed



Simple interface

Color coded visual displays of relevant patterns 

Detailed narrative reporting


So many changes! FAT™ helps you understand your pup and what he needs to grow into a happy, healthy, sociable adult.


Your adult dog still needs your attention to stay at her best and enjoying life. FAT™ can show you easily missed subtle changes and illuminate potentially significant patterns.


A graying muzzle is just one sign of aging in your dog. You can depend on FAT™ to alert you to subtle changes and patterns that may affect your best friend’s comfort in his golden years.