Dog Owners

  • No collar or dog-wearable devices required.
  • Intuitive, online interface, available on multiple platforms and devices. 
  • Better information leads to improved problem solving and better care.

The step-by-step format guides you through a comprehensive assessment of your dog’s social, physiological, and cognitive function.



How does your dog behave?

  • With people – familiar and unfamiliar
  • In the absence of his preferred person(s)
  • With dogs – familiar and unfamiliar


FAT looks at basic physical functions:

  • Eating
  • Drinking 
  • Urination
  • Defecation
  • Rest/sleep 
  • Mobility 
  • Pain


  • Learning (adding new skills & behaviors), 
  • Work/performance (using already trained behaviors)  
  • Play with people.


You know your dog. What she likes and doesn’t like, how she needs things done, and even her funny little quirks. But how do you communicate everything you know to others who care for your dog?

Whether it’s how he eats, or prefers to sleep under the covers, or needs privacy to poop, those helpful hints matter a lot to your dog, and all his caretakers. Forgotten details can have serious, even tragic, consequences.

With FAT, you can share what you know about your dog with your vet, pet sitter, boarding or daycare facility, trainer – and yes, even your wonderful neighbor who will keep her while you are away. All your dog’s caretakers can use FAT to communicate with you. FAT profiles can be shared via a private link, email or print out.

Good communication and clear information adds up to great care for your dog.

You live with your dog. You see him every day, sharing the routines of life where he’s comfortable and happy. But how is he when you’re out and about? You want your dog to enjoy his life, wherever you go.

Even fun activities may be tiring, over-stimulating, or just too much for your dog. How do you know if your dog is a cheerful traveling Trooper, or maybe more of a stay-home Sally? FAT can show you the difference between your dog at home and in different situations.

With unlimited input for each dog, you can compare to your heart’s content, and get to know your dog here, there, and everywhere. FAT shows you the patterns and changes that let you know your dog is doing fine wherever you go – or that he may need your help.

Small changes can tell you that your dog is on the right path to big improvements. Is that new training plan working to help your dog feel more confident while meeting new people? Is she calmer with the adjustment in her exercise routine? Is the new medication relieving the pain?

What you observe might also mean your dog needs help. Should you call your veterinarian? Is what you saw normal, just a quirk, or a symptom of a brewing problem?

FAT teaches you what to see, guiding you step-by-step to detailed observations. And the intuitive color-coded profile helps you learn what to celebrate or when to be concerned.

While you would like quick fixes, it can take time to see the results of the changes – big and small – you make for your dogs. You switch their diets, try a new training school, start new medications.

Whatever the change, you want to know, “Is it working?” FAT helps you record and analyze your dog’s function over time, even day-to-day if needed. Tracking changes helps you understand if things are headed in the right direction, or if adjustments are needed.

Your dog’s professional caretakers, such as a veterinarian or trainer, need detailed feedback about your dog’s response to changes. Informed knowledge aids problem solving and decision making.

It can be hard to keep your dog’s important records in one place. There is a surprising amount of paperwork that goes with a well cared for dog. What if you could keep it all at your fingertips?

FAT securely stores your dog’s FAT profiles and other documents, such as vet reports, vaccination records, microchip number, photos, and more.

Tap into your dog’s records through your private FAT portal, and always have what you need, when you need it.


So many changes! FAT™ helps you track what’s typical and uncover signs your pup may need training, behavioral, or medical intervention to grow into a happy, healthy, sociable adult.


Your adult dog may appear perfectly normal, but need your attention to stay at her best and enjoying life. FAT™ can show you easily missed subtle changes and illuminate potentially significant patterns.


A graying muzzle is just one sign of aging in your dog. You can depend on FAT™ to alert you to subtle changes and patterns that may affect your best friend’s comfort in his golden years.