How do I share a subscription?


FAT subscriptions may be shared by families or groups that decide they’d like to use a FAT plan jointly to maximize savings!    

For instance:  
A neighborhood association may decide to keep track of the dogs in their subdivision for socialization purposes, to identify dogs that accidentally get out, or any number of use cases. This group could elect to jointly purchase a Friends & Family plan. 
A family may decide to use FAT together in order to share records and assessments for use when dog sitting, vacationing, visiting for a week, or even just to keep up on how the new puppy is growing!  The family members could elect to jointly purchase a Three-Dog pack.  

Depending on the desired structure of the organization,  the primary administrator of that organization can invite each user as an administrator and create each animal profile on that top-level organization. This will allow the entire group to see the list of animals and share notes and information. 
Alternatively, specific teams may be set up for each user and each user may create a profile for their own dog in their team and share that dog to the team and the organization as a whole. 


Here are the steps you need to take in order to create an account on behalf of a group and invite multiple users. 

The designated subscription manager purchases a “Friends & Family” or “Three-Dog Pack” on behalf of participants by clicking the subscribe link and choosing a sharable subscription.    

The subscription manager may initially elect to edit the organization and add a photo and a slogan or notes! Other members can also edit this later as designated by the group!  


The initial subscription manager then invites the other members to that subscription from the application by choosing the "Invite people" tab from the organization page, adding an email, choosing a role ( recommend " (organizational administrator initally), ensuring that the"Active" membership state is selected,  and clicking " Invite user.    

Each member logs in using their own account and may add a dog profile(s) and use FAT as they otherwise would.   

Fat is customizable, so teams may be created as desired, or the group may simply use the top-level organization!