About Us


We created FAT™ to help anyone interested in canine welfare take better care of their dogs. FAT™ does so much more than digitally record data on your dog. This dynamic tool helps you see each dog as a complete individual, and to tailor care, training, and treatment to their unique needs. FAT™ was designed to deepen understanding and improve the bond between humans and dogs. Simply put, FAT™ helps us help our dogs.

About Suzanne Clothier

Suzanne Clothier has been working with animals professionally since 1977. She is well respected for her humane, effective Relationship Centered Training (RCT™) approach to dogs and the people that love them. An award-winning author of videos, books, booklets and numerous articles, her book Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships was groundbreaking when published in 2002, and considered life changing by many readers.

An innovative trainer, Suzanne’s work includes CARAT™, The Enriched Puppy Protocol™, RAT™, FAT™, CCC™ (with Cindy Knowlton) and many RCT™ techniques. Her work reflects the experience of a lifetime spent living with and caring for many animals. Her work has been presented in multiple international conferences, including most recently at the International Working Dog Breeder Association conference. She served as a committee member for the AKC’s Agility Advisory Board, and the American Humane Association’s Task Force for the Development of Humane Standards in Dog Training.

She has taught throughout the US and internationally for groups as varied as Wolf Park, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the University of MN’s Nature-Based Therapeutics “Speak!” conference, many national and international conferences, and training groups. She also serves as a consultant to guide dog schools and service dog organizations.

When not traveling and teaching, Suzanne is at home with husband John Rice on their farm in upstate New York, surrounded by their many dogs, cats, parrots, tortoises, horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens and Scottish Highland cattle.


About Heather Leonard

Heather Leonard has always had a great love for animals – surrounding herself with many different animals from a young age. Following her BS in Biopsychology with a focus on Animal Behavior, she worked as a veterinary technician for many years. She currently runs The Bark & Call Inn, an in-home boarding/daycare on her farm.

Heather has been working with Suzanne since 2002. She had the privilege implementing Suzanne’s training program at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She brings her lifelong animal experience and professional expertise to her work with Suzanne on FAT™ and other programs.

Heather lives on a New England farm with her husband, Andy, and a menagerie of animals – horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens. Heather is an integral part of the FAT™ team, working side by side with Suzanne at every step.

About Sen Beever

Raised on a horse farm in nowhere Kansas, Sen started young caring for and training a menagerie of animals. His long experience as a veterinary technician includes an Emergency & Specialty practice where he was taught how to handle the most critical patients; triage & ER became his specialty.

After 15 years of management in every Board Certified veterinary specialty offered, he decided to follow his heart and live his dream in California. Sen owns Mister Beever's Paws & Claws and lives a happy, successful life in Oakland CA with his partner Alex. They are surrounded by 19 year old cat Monkey (aka Satan), 3 dogs - Bella (20 yrs old), Sophie (7 years old) and Moxie (2 years old). Sen continues to see veterinary and dog training clients. He also provides veterinary and small business consulting.  

Sen was one of the first to recognize the power of FAT, and to support this project on many levels. 

Polycot Associates

FAT was moved from concept to reality by the collective expertise of Polycot Associates, an Austin, TX based worker-owned cooperative that provides strategic, comprehensive web consulting and development services, including web design and application development. See the Polycot website for more information.